Men With Ven - Driving From Barking To Deptford

Ch1: The Spotted Dog

October 22, 2019



Meet Bill, Dave and Carl - Men With Ven.

It’s Bill’s wedding anniversary and he’s bought a parrot for The Missus.

Pub landlady Ethel persuades Carl to take a package containing A Royal Charter to Canning Town to her friend Spaceman Jack for safe keeping.

After receiving violent threats from South East London gangster Frieda Fortune, Dave reluctantly decides to steal the same package.

We learn the origin of the centuries old feud between Ethel and Frieda when they are known as Ethelburga and Freya.

Centuries past, they kill each other in a violent skirmish on the grounds of Barking Abbey…



Driving From Barking To Deptford pt1

Google It Pt1

I Can Do That

Google It Pt2

The Power Of The Conga

It’s So Hard Being Dave (pt1)

The Missus

Pray For It

Everything Pisses Him Off

String "Em Up


A Men With Ven production. Produced and Directed by David Barratt. Written by Men With Ven Co-written by Jo Gardetta & Neville Farmer Additional writing by Steve Graham & Fenella Fudge. Songs by Men With Ven. Men With Ven are Bill Clift, David Barratt & Carl Marsh Driving From Barking To Deptford was recorded at The Abattoir Of Good Taste in Barking, Deptford, Birmingham, Stockholm, Bangkok, New York and Whitstable in 3D Vensound. Bill was played by Bill Clift Dave - Shane Attwooll Carl - Mark Arden Ethel/Ethelburga - Kerry Enright Frieda/Freya - Sarah Lonton Viv/Vivien/Gloria and The Parrot were all voiced by Fenella Fudge The Narrator - Amanda Homi. The Missus - Anita Dobson. Jason Statham was played... Spaceman Jack - Roy Harter. Odin - Christopher Brand. Barry The Burglar - Nick Wilton. TV Announcer - Daniel Norcross. Imam Amir - Aatiff Nawaz. Chance - Kenyon Phillips. Sir Mortimer Planno - Daniel Whalgren. The Dave - Dave MacDonnald. The Carpet Salesman - Steve Graham. Julius Ceasar - Ron Emslie. Carl’s Mum - Liza Marsh. Cindy Wachowski - Fiona Foster. Children’s Choir - Lyla Attwooll. The Archbishop and Oddman - David Barratt. The Vikings were played by John Rogers and Harry Feeney-Barratt. All music played by Men With Ven. Additional Songwriters - Bryn Burrows, Neville Farmer, Terry Radigan, Phil Johnstone, Rev Hammer & Papa Dee. Additional musicians & singers - Bryn Burrows, Justin Mitchel, Jenny Woodall, John Woodall, Isobel Kimberley, Gary Schreiner, Neville Farmer, Jody Porter, Ava Attwooll, Poonam Gupte, Geoff Wooley, Ronnie Rumble, Kat Parker, Phil Johnstone, Terry Radigan & Papa Dee. Artwork: Chris How Dedicated to Frances Spring & Rene Marston